The #1 reason for corporate and private users to avoid cloud services are security concerns. We build products to change that.

secure filesharing with DocRAID® Email protection with SAFEMAIL

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The #1 reason for corporate and private users to avoid cloud services are security concerns. We build products to change that.

DocRAID® secure enterprise file sharing

Multi-award winning, CloudRAID driven security. Resilient, yet easy to use file sharing. On-premise on your metal or off-premise in our data centers. Zero-knowledge-Storage. Email protection. No software installation required at the receiver.
Fragmentation, encryption and redundant distribution reduce your attack surface. DocRAID® is leading in CloudRAID technology.

SAFEMAIL - email encryption gateway

CloudRAID based, highly resilient, yet easy to use email encryption gateway. No software to maintain, no PKI required. No software installation. No hassles. All email clients supported. All devices. Ready to protect in minutes.

SHIP-IT® critical infrastructure protection

Software to identify vulnarabilities and to harden critical infrastructures. Built in cooperation with the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).

Industry leading protection against cyber threats and ease of use in one product

Share files easily and protect your files and emails against cyber threats.

Award winning CloudRAID technology for maximum data protection

Fragmentation, encryption and redundant distribution protects your files during transport and at rest. Redundant distribution of encrypted data fragments to multiple jurisdictions adds an extra layer of protection and cyber attacks and even against state sponsored surveillance.

Exchange large files, emails and attachments

Share large files without pain. DocRAID® and SAFEMAIL take away the pain from handling large files.


Supports compliance with numerous regulations, e.g. German §203 StGB, AO, PersDat; US HIPAA; EU General Data Protection Regulation and many other legal frameworks.

Protect files and emails

Protect your communication against cyber threats and surveillance and yet keep it simple. DocRAID® file sharing and SAFEMAIL email protection. Set up and ready to protect within minutes.

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We build solutions for real world problems. Customers in these industries trust our solutions: healthcare, administration, pharma, defense, energy, critical infrastructures, ... Or just plain, simple teams that need to share information securely and easily.

Healthcare delivery

Exchange large scans in tumor conferences. Control who has access to what information. Communicate across borders.


Exchange large files with local authorities without making the receiver install any software. Receive alerts if files have been retrieved.


Exchange files with your team or external consultants painlessly and securely. Set the security needs per data room and even per shared link. Select from a large number of security features like expiration dates or code protection.


Send protected emails without installing software. No PKI required. Secure back channel included.

Healthcare interoperability

Send patient information securely. Connect patients, doctors, hospitals and laboratories across borders. Keep track of who accesses what information, audit proof.


Reduce your attack surface while sending field data even from remote corners. Select specific architectures, e.g. zero-knowledge-synchronization, distribution across multiple jurisdictions or HSM integration.

Insider threats

Protect your organization’s sensitive information and intellectual property from theft, misuse, and abuse.

Strategic reconnaissance

Protect your organization’s sensitive information against industrial espionage and reconnaissance, even state sponsored activities.


Accelerate research and development by integrating distributed teams and enabling secure collaborative teamwork.

About us and the way we work

We are a full service provider and will help to onboard you in a structured way, including analysis, planning, customization, roll-out and support. We typically set you up within 24h.













On-premise or off-premise - you choose

Scalable and flexible hosting for your company's most valuable information. You manage your team online, we provide the secure infrastructre off-premise in our data centers. Alternatively you host DocRAID and SAFEMAIL on-premise in your data center on your metal.

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